About Us

About Us

At KneesPlus, our mission is to develop innovative products that provide technical-based solutions to everyday problems. 

Throughout the years, our team has carefully developed a catalog of cutting-edge devices and peripherals designed to improve lives. By combining the latest in technology with time-tested products, we've refined each offering to change the current landscape of modern comforts. Based in the USA, we proudly ship to over 180+ countries worldwide. 

Say hello to the future innovation, experience the difference with KneePlus.  

We’re on a Mission…

We’ve served over 1 Million customers and rising, and every experience has been guided by our mission. That mission is to make our customers happier more joyful people with products that are as affordable as they are fun to use.

Our Vision is Clear

It’s crystal-clear—we want to bring you products that you will love. We fulfill that vision by working around the clock to partner with product manufacturers offering the most interesting products available.